The optimum solution for companies of the food and beverage industry!


NAVfood is an innovative and flexible software solution developed to meet the specific requirements of the companies in the food and beverage industry: diary and meat processing enterprises, manufacturers of bread and bakery products, manufacturers and traders of confectionary products, canned foods, alcohols and soft drinks, etc.

NAVfood upgrades the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics NAV, covering the specific processes – management of raw materials, lot tracking, and all other aspects of the manufacturing, planning and control of stored production in the warehouse, efficient logistics and sales management. Due to the wide range of functionalities it offers, this solution improves the overall performance of the company, increases employee productivity, and provides quick and secure access to important reports and analyses.

NAVfood offers to the companies of this industry unlimited opportunities for growth and development of every aspect of their activity – optimized manufacturing, sound warehouse management, efficient distribuition, increased sales, fast and accurate decision making at all organizational levels, etc.  

Fast and effective processes at every organizational levels! 

Some of the specific functionalities included in NAVfood are:

  • Support of detailed information about materials, products, sets, production recipes, routes, customers, deliveries, etc.
  • Calculation of materials per doses by recipes and recalculation of finished products into fundamental units of measurement.
  • Automated lot tracking of finished products
  • Maintenance of information about producers and sellers by lots
  • Automated fill-in of product expiration date
  • Monitoring percent deviation of finalized production orders
  • Management of raw materials breakdown with possibility for automated transfer of batch numbers, reevaluation of expected breakdown products, specific reports for lot breakdown, etc. (especially for the meat processing enterprises)
  • Estimation of expected material costs and expected yield
  • Management of warehouses for materials dispatch under specified recipes
  • Simplified offers and sales orders generation
  • Automated closure of sales orders within specified time-frames of tolerance
  • Automated inventory transfer among warehouses
  • Management of marketing activities and synchronization of sales promotions and campaigns directed at certain customers
  • Planning of expected quantities per customer
  • Possibility for EDI (Electronic data interchange)
  • Integration with mobile devices
  • Functionality for specific document stamp based on the customer’s template
  • Special reports and analyses – production program per work centers, expected quantities per production order, expected cost of finished products, etc.

NAVfood offers a number of advantages:

  • Centralized management and fast access to the entire information about manufacturing, warehouse, deliveries, sales, and marketing
  • Improved transparency, management, and control of all business processes
  • Optimization of warehouse activities through integration and exploitation of mobile devices
  • Improved planning
  • Risks reduction and higher bottom line of the company
  • Increase in the employee productivity
  • Higher customer satisfaction levels
  • Enhanced reporting through secure real-time access to important accounts and analyses per KPI

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